CSR Program- JCL Collaborates with IT Company for Digital Platforms

Good day everyone,

We are proud to announce that on 10th September 2022, JCL has successfully collaborated with IT Company called Jendela Biz (https://jendela.biz/). Jendela Biz gives a talk related to Setup Website, Platform for Business, Digital Marketing to all Entrepreneurs that joined this event. Our funding goes to each Entrepreneur that joined this event.

We have done the funding amounted to RM 11,450.00 to the Program to: –

  1. Ismail Ibrahim
  2. Hadi
  3. Ammar Faris
  4. Idris
  5. Alex
  6. Mazrayusnita
  7. Alhera Minor
  8. Hartanah

We strongly believe that the program will be beneficial to all ITs in the community.

For more information, kindly visit the event’s website at https://berita-tular.com/2022/09/14/jcl-malaysia-bantu-pemula-bisnes-digital/

For those who are in need of financial assistance, you may visit https://jcl.my/ for more information.

Thank you.

JCL Credit LeasingSdn Bhd