Scam Alert !!

I have personally received 2 different reports on 9/5/2019 of two different scammer cases made to us.

One of the customer are very upset about getting his information leaked to the scammer, and he accused us of providing his confidential information to the outsider. However, I have already explained the situation to him and he seems to be fine afterwards.

Another customer made his report to us through the phone, and the situation are similar to the photos attached above, but by DIFFERENT NUMBER AND NAME, AND DIFFERENT DEPOSIT PAYMENT*

No hidden charges on any step! (application – approval – disbursement)

  1. JCL never requests any fee including credit information report, disbursement transfer fee. Customer only need to pay stamp duty & commissioner of oaths (cash) when signing the agreement at JCL office.
  2. JCL never hires any third person or agent to process your application.
  3. JCL only uses corporate bank account for all transactions, not individual bank account.

Kindly inform us through the number below if you have encounter similar situation.

  • 1800-222-525
  • 9am – 6pm (Mon – Fri, Last Sat of the month)