In JCL, we offer a variety of financing solutions to cater to your personal needs with hassle-free procedures and simple documents requirements.

Personal Financing

Are you in need of funds to finance your personal expenses such as your home renovation, medical bills coverage, holiday expenses, education costs, marriage costs, or even your debt consolidation?

Personal loans can give you the financial flexibility to use the funds for your convenience and needs. Chat with us and we can assist you with your request.

Product Financing

Want to own a motorcycle, mobile phone, electrical appliances, etc., but don’t have the funds upfront?

Fear not, chat with one of our partner dealers for inquiries and to apply.

Announcement of JCL participation for ‘Online Personal Loan Guideline’ by the KPKT

We are proud to inform that JCL are officially appointed by the KPKT to participate in the development of (Online Personal Loan system) which will be greatly beneficial to the Malaysian people.

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JCL now offers DirectDebit (e-Mandate) services

e-Mandate is a financial technology developed by Paynet, also known as DirectDebit. The main purpose is to assist our customer to have a faster, cheaper, more efficient platform to make loan repayment.

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Introducing JCL Official Mascot (RICHIE)

We are proud to introduce JCL’s official new Mascot born yesterday on 11th November 2020 (11.11). We named it RICHIE to represent symbol of wealth. Remember Richie, Remember JCL! Interested […]

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