How do I make payment to JCL?

There are five (5) types of payment channels:

  1. Cash deposit machine (CDM).
  2. Online banking.
  3. JomPAY payment.
  4. Bank counter (CIMB, Maybank).
  5. PayQuik kiosk.
What is JCL’s Biller Code for JomPAY?
  1. JomPAY Biller Code: 16667.
  2. Ref 1: JomPAY Case ID (customer’s unique identification number).
  3. Ref 2: MyKad number.
Why do I need to send the receipt of a CDM payment or a screenshot of an online payment via WhatsApp?

This is to recognize the payment into the system based on the account number.

Why was my auto-debit payment not successful?
  1. New loan: The first (1st) payment needs to be paid manually (refer to “How do I make payment to JCL?” above). For all subsequent payments, they will be deducted via auto-debit once approved by the bank.
  2. Existing loan: The auto-debit is not successful due to insufficient funds in the account.
Why is auto-debit performed after I have made the payment manually?

Once the auto-debit fails on the initial due date, there will be another attempt to debit the payment after four (4) to five (5) working days.

How do I request for a refund?

Call Customer Care at 03-26167900 or send an email directly to inquiry@bpartnergroup.com

How do I do a full/early settlement before my account becomes matured?

There are 2 types of facilities and they are:

  1. Mobile/Motorcycle/Electronic goods.
  2. Personal loans.

Call Customer Care at 03-26167900 or send an email directly to inquiry@bpartnergroup.com

Upon receipt of the email, we will forward the full/early settlement form to you. This form functions as a one (1) month’s written notice to us. We will advise you on the amount to be settled, upon receiving the said form via email.

Click here for the full/early settlement form.

Can I walk in to any JCL branch to do a full settlement?

Yes, you can. Our financial consultants will provide the necessary assistance.

Application (Consumer)

What are the interest rates for a credit sale (CS) and a hire purchase (HP)?

The interest rates are as follow:

  • CS: 15% per annum (1.25% per month).
  • HP: 9.96% per annum (0.83% per month).

Application (Dealer)

What types of products does JCL financing cover?

We are currently providing credit facility service to the products as stated below:

  1. Mobile phones.
  2. Electrical appliances.
  3. Motorcycles.
What are the documents required for a motorcycle loan application?

The documents required for a motor loan application are,

Company employee (with a basic salary):

  1. A copy of IC (front and back).
  2. Latest one (1) month of payslip.
  3. Latest utility bill of current residence.
  4. Bank proof for auto-debit.

Company employee (fully commissioned):

  1. A copy of IC (front and back).
  2. Latest six (6) months of payslips.
  3. Latest utility bill of current residence.
  4. Latest six (6) months of bank statements.

Self employed:

  1. A copy of IC (front and back).
  2. Latest SSM certificate copy.
  3. Latest six (6) months of bank statements (company).
  4. Latest three (3) months of bank statements (personal).
  5. Latest utility bill of current residence.
  6. Latest six (6) months of bank statements.
What is the eligibility for a loan application?
  1. Malaysian citizens only.
  2. Aged between 18 and 60 years old.
  3. Basic salary must be at least RM1,000.
Who is ineligible to apply for a loan?
  1. Self-employed with a business period of less than one (1) year.
  2. Company employee with less than three (3) months of working period.
  3. Applicant or spouse that works in an army.
What are the available loan tenures?

For mobile phones and electrical appliances: 12, 24, and 36 months.

For motorcycles: 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months.

Application (Consumer and Dealer)

Does JCL accept second-hand products?

JCL accepts new products only.

Where and what medium do I go/use to apply for the loan?

The customer needs to approach our one of our panel dealers in order to apply for a loan for their device.

Do we still need to request for the customer to sign a DF?

If the customer signs the new version of the application form (AF), then the declaration form (DF) is not required. However, if the AF provided was not the latest version, then the DF is required.

Does JCL accept the Astro or TM bill in lieu of the water or electricity bill?

It is acceptable if the customer really could not provide the latest (original/online) water or electric bill; and even the telco bill is acceptable if the customer cannot provide the Astro or TM bill. However, using the telco bill is the last option. (The telco bill must be under the customer’s name and original.)

How should I inquire for my status?

The customer may check with the dealer.

What should I do if I wish to cancel my application?

The customer may inform the dealer.

Can I apply for two phones at the same time?

Yes. (Terms and conditions apply.)

I am JCL’s existing customer. Can I apply for a credit sale?

Yes. (Terms and conditions apply.)

For the self-employed, what documents are needed to apply?

The documents required for a credit sale loan application are:

  1. Identity card.
  2. 3 months of personal bank statements.
  3. 6 months of company bank statements.
  4. Full set of SSM certificates.
  5. Latest utility bills.
  6. Tax declaration or receipt (if applicable).
Who can be the customer’s emergency contact person?
  1. Parents.
  2. Siblings.
  3. Relatives.
  4. Spouse.
What is the minimum down payment for a hire purchase (HP)?

The minimum down payment for an HP is at least 10% of the cash price.

Can the customer apply for a device but it is not for own use?

Yes, they can, but only for certain people, e.g., family members.

What are the documents required to become one of JCL’s merchants?
  1. Financial statements for 2018 and 2019.
  2. Bank statements for 6 months.
  3. Latest SSM certificate.
  4. Copy of identity card (IC) of all directors.
Are there any occupation exceptions?

Customers working in the army will not be accepted.

What products are eligible for the credit sale?

As long as it is under the law of credit sales, it can be considered.

What is the contract method to become a merchant for JCL?

You may refer to our nearest branch and contact the BR number.

Where can the customer apply for the loan?

The customer can walk in to our panel dealers or apply online.

Payment (Consumer)

What are the types of payments?

The first month is by JomPAY. Second month onward is by direct debit. For customers whose direct debit registration failed, they will have to pay via JomPAY.

Payment (Consumer and Dealer)

How do I know when is my first payment?

JCL will send an email to the customer consisting of information regarding the first payment and payment methods.

How can I print/download my statement?

The customer can request for their statement by sending an email to cs@bpartnergroup.com. Kindly include information such as the full name, IC number, and purpose of email.

What is the late penalty charge?

The late payment will be charged five percent (5%) per annum toward the amount in arrear.

How can I find out my full settlement amount?

You may send an email to cs@bpartnergroup.com. Kindly provide the necessary information such as your full name, IC number, and purpose of email.

How can I pay by JomPAY?

Here’s where to pay by JomPAY:

  1. Online banking.
  2. ATM machine.
What other payment method can be used if I am using Bank Islam as Bank Islam does not support JomPAY?

The customer can transfer their payment to the CIMB bank account. After that, the customer will need to send the receipt via email to cs@bpartnergroup.com and include the full name and IC number in the email.

If the auto-debit failed, what can I do for my payment?

The customer can pay by JomPAY or bank transfer.

How can I do a full settlement?

Get the customer to email cs@bpartnergroup.com.

Which banks enable JomPAY payments?

Only conventional banks (non-shariah-compliant) allow payments by JomPAY.

If I only have Islamic banking, are there other ways to make payments?

Yes, kindly drop your inquiries at jcl-collection@bpartnergroup.com or inquiry@bpartnergroup.com for assistance.

How do I check for the payment status?

The customer can check via Whatsapp or email.

What is the payment date?

It is either on the 2nd or the 16th. The customer may refer to the email/WhatsApp sent by JCL.

Collaboration (Dealer)

I am a dealer and I am interested in providing JCL financing to my customers. What should I do?

Kindly refer to our list of branches and contact the regional representative for collaboration purposes.

I would like to propose a new product other than JCL’s existing financing products. What should I do?

We are currently expanding our business. We welcome all proposals and suggestions. Kindly contact our regional representative for further discussion.

Disbursement (Dealer)

What are the processing fees?

Processing fees:

  1. Credit sales: RM50.
  2. Hire purchase: RM200.

Disbursement (Consumer)

When is the CS approval expiration date?

It is 90 days after the CA approval date.

Autodebit (Consumer)

What should I do if I want to register for direct debit once again?

The customer will have to go to a JCL branch to sign the new direct debit registration form.


What documents are required?

For employees, we will need:

  1. A copy of identity card (IC).
  2. Latest 3 months of salary slips.
  3. Latest 3 months of bank statements.
  4. Latest EPF statement.
  5. Latest utility bill (water or electricity).
How long is the processing time?

We will need at least three to five (3 – 5) working days to process, subject to receiving complete documents as we will need to call your office and emergency contact person for verification purposes.

*Processing time may be longer, depending on the verification process.

When I can apply for a top-up loan ?

After three (3) payments of RM3,000 and below, and six (6) payments of RM3,000 and above. All payments must be prompt.

Who is eligible for a loan application with JCL?

The applicant must be Malaysian, aged between 18 and 60, with a minimum of three (3) months of working period and a minimum basic salary of RM1,000.00.

How will I know if my application is unsuccessful?

JCL will send an SMS to your registered mobile phone number regarding your unsuccessful application.

What are the minimum and maximum loan tenures?

The minimum loan tenure is one (1) year (12 months) and the maximum loan tenure is five (5) years (60 months).

What area does JCL cover for its personal loan?

Currently, we only accept people who are living in KL, the Klang valley area, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, and Penang. However, we will be expanding our branches nationwide. For more updates, you may follow JCL’s Facebook and/or Instagram.

How will I know if my application is successful?

We will call you for the loan offering process once all verification has been done.

Does JCL hold the customer’s ATM card?

As a professional licensed money lender, JCL will not hold the customer’s ATM card.

What documents are required for self-employed applicants?

For self-employed applicants, we will need:

  1. A copy of identity card (IC).
  2. Latest 6 months of company’s bank statements.
  3. Latest 3 months of personal bank statements.
  4. Latest 6 months of invoices/receipts.
  5. A copy of the tenancy agreement of office (if available).
  6. Latest utility bill (water or electricity).
How much of the loan amount will JCL approve?

The loan amount will only be decided after you have submitted your application, as JCL will need to do checking and verification to determine the loan size that JCL could offer.

Are permanent residents of Malaysia allowed to apply?

No, we only accept applications from Malaysians for the time being.

Can I apply with JCL even after my application has been rejected by the bank?

Yes, you may apply because JCL’s credit check is flexible. JCL always tries to check and find a good side of the applicant, and add points to the applicant’s status.

What is the loan size that JCL is offering?

The loan amount offered by JCL is from RM1,000.00 to RM50,000.00. However, JCL will not offer a big amount for the first application as JCL will need to check your payment patterns.

What is the minimum amount of net salary needed to apply with JCL?

The minimum amount of net salary needed is RM500.00.

Am I eligible to apply if I work as a freelancer?

No, you must work for at least 3 months with your current company or have the latest SSM certificate for more than 6 months.

How do I apply for a JCL personal loan?

You may walk-in directly to our nearest branch with complete documents.

Can I apply if I am under an AKPK program?

Yes, you can try. We have our own guidelines for cases under AKPK.


Do I have to pay for the government service tax?

No. The government service tax will not be imposed for this personal loan (facility).

Are there any handling fees or charges?

No, JCL does not take any handling fees or charges.

How much is the late payment charge?

The late payment charge is eight percent (8%) per annum (p.a.) on amount in arrears, calculated from the overdue date till the date of settlement of the arrears amount.

What is the interest rate offered by JCL?

18.0% per annum (p.a.), which will be 1.5% per month.

Is there any fee or advanced payment deduction from the approved loan amount?

No. The full amount approved will be credited into your personal savings/current account.

What are the types of loan payment methods available?

Currently, JCL has three (3) types of payment methods: direct debit from a salary bank account, JomPAY, or PayQuik.

How can I check whether my payment is received or not?

You will have to send an email to pay@bpartnergroup.com for payment inquiries. Kindly include your NRIC (national registration identity card) number and full name for checking purposes.

How can I do an early settlement?

You will need to give a one-month notice beforehand and also fill up the early settlement form, which could be obtained at our branches or by email.

Does JCL receive cash over the counter for payment?

No. We only accept payments via JomPAY, PayQuik, or direct debit.

Can I make the early-settlement payment at a JCL branch?

No, we only accept early-settlement payments via JomPAY, cash deposit machines (CDM), or bank transfers. Kindly send the receipt to pay@bpartnergroup.com after making the payment.

Is it possible if I do not want to pay by direct debit?

You may pay your installment within seven (7) working days before the due date. However, JCL will still require you to set an account for direct debit just in case you forget to make your payment manually.

How can I pay if I do not have any online banking facilities?

You may use the PayQuik machine to make a payment.

What should I do if my direct debit is unsuccessful?

You can make your payment via JomPAY:

  1. JCL Biller Code: 16667.
  2. Ref 1: Your JomPAY case ID number which JCL has provided you during agreement signing.
  3. Ref 2: Your identity card (IC) number.
I have made a payment yesterday but still received SMS and calls asking me to pay.

Thank you for your payment. JCL needs three (3) working days to update your payment. If you still receive the SMS/call after this period, kindly send an email to pay@bpartnergroup.com for further checking.

Agreement Signing

When will the money be received after agreement signing?

The money will be received within three (3) working days after agreement signing.

Can I request to change my payment due date?

Currently, we are unable to change the due date of payment.

Do I need to pay a deposit or lawyer fee before the approval of the loan?

No payment of deposit or lawyer fee is needed. However, if your loan is approved, you will need to pay the LHDN and Commissioner for Oaths fees by cash when you come in for the agreement signing.


Do you have any agents?

No, JCL does not have any agents as it is prohibited by the Moneylenders Act 1951 of Malaysia.

What should I do if I was scammed?

Kindly inform us the details and lodge a police report. Stop providing any information to the scammer.

What does a zero percent (0%) interest campaign mean?

This benefit is only applied to new personal loan products. For JCL’s first-time customers, JCL will waive your interest for the first month’s installment only.

How can we learn more about JCL?

You may visit our website at https://jcl.my, or like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.