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Upload documents to get the result faster. When you fail to upload, 1. Try with Wi-Fi 2. Attach only IC copy. *You can send your documents via email later.
My Kad IC Front Side (Max size: 2MB)
My Kad IC Back Side (Max size: 2MB)
Latest 3 Months Pay Slip (Max size: 2MB)
Latest 3 Months Bank Statement (Max size: 2MB)
Latest EPF / Tax Declaration(BE Form) (Max size: 2MB)
Invoice of Public lifeline / Utility bills: Electricity, Water, Maintenance fee, etc (Max size: 2MB)
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Personal Loan Business Loan, Hire purchase
  • ① Original IC (MyKad)
  • ② Latest 3 months Salary Slip/Pay Slip
  • ③ Latest 3 months Bank Statement
  • ④ Latest EPF or Tax Declaration Form (BE Form)
  • ⑤ Utility bill- Electricity, water, etc
  • ⑥ Address Confirmation (example below ):

・Phone/Internet Bill ・Mail from Banks ・Tenancy Agreement

  • ① Application Form( Business Loan
  • ② Copy of IC (MyKad)
  • ③ Latest SSM, Company Chop
  • ④ Latest 6 months Company Bank Statement
  • ⑤ Latest 2 years Audited Account Report (if available)
  • ⑥ Latest 6 months sample of Purchase Order/Invoice
  • ⑦ BE Form & Tax Receipt (if available)
  • ⑧ Utility bill

Contact 1800-222-JCL(525)

Contact 1800-222-JCL(525)

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