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Name JCL Credit Leasing Sdn Bhd (413411-H)
Establishment December 1996(Acquisition in Dec 2014)
Capital RM1,000,000
Location No.15, Jalan Medan Tuanku 1, 50300 KL
Business Personal Loan, Business Loan, Hire Purchase
Affiliated Company HIKARITSUSHIN,INC
– Business Partner Co.,Ltd
– Japan Trust Saiken Kaisyu Co.,Ltd
– Active People’s Microfinance Institution Plc ( Cambodia)
Office Telephone No 1800 222 525
Fax No 03-26167888
Email inquiry@bpartnergroup.com

CEO message

We are a finance company providing various financial services focusing mainly on leasing and lending businesses.

We aim to increase our corporate value in the society by providing supports to the establishment of new companies or businesses. Unlike other conventional finance companies, we are the only one company that serves as the power/energy for the SMEs by developing a unique range of products and services that tailored to fit the SMEs’ needs.

“To structure a system that enable for continuity learning and growth” and  “Learning and Helping others to learn” are our company slogans. The company keeps on building on its learning and development system for staffs.

As “the only one kind” of financial services company, JCL will from now on continue to tap into the fields/disciplines of the financial services that do not provided by the major finance companies. We will continue to develop new range of unique products and increase our values. All the employees as one family, we work together to continue to challenge in improving customers’ satisfaction and our corporate values.


1: Flat organization meaning is the decision-making speed up flat organization.

Organization chart of the Business Partner is the president, directors, managers, general staff. This flat organizational form, more rapid information collection and transmission, enables decision-making.

2: Believe the young force

28.5-year-old average age of employees, 35-year-old average age of management.

The business partner gives big authority with a fair reward for the employee who gave result regardless of age, sex, nationality, educational background.

This is not that special, such as seniority and regular promotion is the result of believing the “young force” had been turned away the eye by the convention of traditional Japanese companies.

There are a lot of excellent talented people both young is only differences believe or not believe.

Business partners have believe the young force.

3: Specializing in the niche market

We aim NO.1 in the market.

We aim at NO.1 in the “niche market” which other finance companies do not enter while being specialized in sale finance and cooperate with approximately 1,000 sales company for corporations which did it including information and communication, an OA apparatus now.

Management Objectives

  • To be trusted by the clients, corporate partners and the society
  • To try our very best to maximize our corporate value
  • To try to improve the livelihood and lifestyle of our employees

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Contact 1800-222-JCL(525)

Contact 1800-222-JCL(525)

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